Re: OpenColorIO stewardship



On Tuesday, March 8, 2016 at 4:33:21 PM UTC-8, Mark Boorer wrote:

The current re-factoring work is regrettably still not finished, as my other day-to-day production tasks at DNeg have become more pressing of late. I have some time for dev work booked out in the coming weeks though, so hopefully I will have something more to show soon. My greater goal is to have everything out, feedback gathered, and tested before the SIGGRAPH 2016 deadline in order to make the changes available in the VFX platform for 2017.

We are in the process of publishing the draft VFX Reference Platform for CY2017 so please can you give an update on when you expect this next release to drop and, if it's in time for vendors to incorporate into their 2017 releases, what version number it's likely to be released under so we can include it.




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