Re: ImageBufAlgo make_texture colorspace change

Deke Kincaid <dekek...@...>

It depends on the colorspaces defined in your config.ocio file set by your $OCIO environment variable.  Which profile are you using from the examples or did you roll your own?

On Thu, Aug 18, 2016 at 5:47 PM, <er...@...> wrote:
I'm using the Python bindings for OIIO to convert images into textures. I'm having an issue converting a .tif into a .exr texture. The .exr is in sRGB colorspace instead of linear. The .exr looks lighter in Nuke than the .tif. I tried to force the colorspace change, but it didn't work either. Here are two ways I tried to make the texture:

import OpenImageIO

= ImageBuf(src_path)
= OpenImageIO.ImageSpec()
.attribute('maketx:incolorspace', 'sRGB')
.attribute('maketx:outcolorspace', 'linear')
OpenImageIO.ImageBufAlgo.make_texture(OpenImageIO.MakeTxTexture, srcBuf, dst_path, config)


import OpenImageIO

= ImageBuf(src_path)
= ImageBuf()
OpenImageIO.ImageBufAlgo.colorconvert(colorBuf, srcBuf, 'sRGB', 'linear')
OpenImageIO.ImageBufAlgo.make_texture(OpenImageIO.MakeTxTexture, colorBuf, dst_path)

I don't get any errors, but nothing changes. Am I using the wrong colorspace names? I don't know where to find them since they aren't listed in the documentation.

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