Re: State of OCIO development re: CPU/GPU mismatches

Andy Jones <andy....@...>

Very happy to see this thread.  I don't have a lot to add, other than my support for the direction Larry outlined.   Also, thanks for kicking this thread off, Nathan!

The one thing I do want to add is that although public development stalled on github, I don't doubt that a lot of effort has already gone into preparing the big Dneg update that has been alluded to.  I'm guessing that the scope of the internal changes may have made it difficult to commit incremental updates.  Assuming we do start moving forward with public development, it would still be great to see some/all of those changes make it into the main repo in some form. Perhaps we could port aspects of that code piecemeal into master from an experimental branch over a series of releases?

Anyway, I'm sure we can all appreciate that getting code released and managing a software project can easily be as much work as developing it in the first place :)

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