Re: State of OCIO development re: CPU/GPU mismatches

Nathan Rusch <natha...@...>

Once again, thanks for chiming in everyone. It's definitely encouraging to see.

Andy, I agree with you on the idea of evaluating and trying to roll in as much of the usable "offline" development that has been done at DNeg as possible, especially if it could affect the state or validity of existing pull requests or issues.

Kevin, I also agree that I would rank anything related to image quality very high. As you can probably surmise from the topic of this thread, my motivations are not entirely unbiased with regard to the outstanding issues; if I had my druthers, the GPU/CPU mismatch would be at the top of the TODO list going forward, especially with more and more shows requesting ACES deliverables.

Larry, I think your triage proposal is a great one. From a quick look at the open PRs, it looks like there are probably at least 10 that could be merged completely painlessly and without changing any existing behavior. It sounds like there are still some internal details that need to be ironed out regarding how things will move forward, and I'm going to cross my fingers that that process is a smooth one, but I'd be lying if I didn't admit that having you involved in any capacity is immediately reassuring.


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