Re: OCIO Configuration Reference Values

Troy Sobotka <troy.s...@...>

On Mon, Oct 24, 2016, 6:18 PM Joseph Slomka <joseph...@...> wrote:

The XYZ role solution is a good compromise. It would be a good recommended practice when .ocio profiles are created. 

My issue with best practices is that they will fail where not implemented, which means an entire user interface stack or potentially shaders, algorithms, and a whole slew of other things fall apart and suddenly break.

I am wondering:

1) What is the shortest path to a workable solution for OCIO in the near term that works.
2) Whether such a solution can make it into trunk and become reference.

Happy to see longer term goals here, but given that OCIO appeared to have been taken off of life support, only to resume critical condition weeks later, perhaps our goals should be modest at this juncture.

Implementing a mandatory XYZ set of values for reference, with applicable warnings or failure would at least be an entry point?

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