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Troy Sobotka <troy.s...@...>

On Wed, Jan 11, 2017, 5:42 PM Sean Cooper <se...@...> wrote:
  • Road to 2.0
    • What are the dream requests?

On a practical "get things done with the library" sense, it would be excellent to deal with OCIO for colour managing UI elements.

Having spent plenty of time ramming into the problems, I believe that can be elegantly accomplished by:

A) Providing metadata on the chromaticities for each Display cluster, or possibly per View?
B) Providing metadata on the reference chromaticities.
C) Provide some form of metadata that differentiates the transfer function portion of a view transform from any other colorimetric transforms. This would be needed for colour pickers and other things, where one needs to know the colorimetry of the reference and the destination, as well as how to apply *only* the transfer function to the UI element, post transform. Gradient UIs, color pickers, coloured sliders, etc.

Many transforms are going to be of the transfer function variety, and it makes sense to tackle UI in the least invasive manner possible, hence limiting the metadata to the fewest possible areas makes sense? Per transform seems overkill unless a sane metadata structure can be arrived at that wraps up the needs.

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