Re: icc profile for photoshop

Kevin Wheatley <kevin.j....@...>

On Fri, Jan 27, 2017 at 4:31 PM, Brendan Bolles <bre...@...> wrote:
I'd say lift in the blacks is the most common, usually shifting their colors some direction in the process. This is exacerbated by us making profiles intended to be applied to a log image, so you lose some bandwidth there.

The differences often don't seem too major, but I'm usually making them for Matte Painters who have a VERY good eye for even small shifts.

It's hard to tell how much of it is non-optimal profiles from OCIO vs. limitations in the CMS software vs. limitations in the ICC approach overall. Maybe Lars can help us get to the bottom of it.
sounds similar to us then, do you explicitly assign a profile to the
displays in the OS or at least use the same profile from the display
when baking the ICC profile? This is the (ab)use I mentioned in our
usage - we use a perfect display profile for all our machines so we
only bake a single ICC for a given look using the same profile - it
essentially defeats the colour management engine somewhat but means it
"matches Nuke" (OCIO Display node).

Our monitors calibration is handled within the monitors.


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