Re: reversable, but not 1D color transforms in config.ocio

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You can use a 3D LUT but still have a reversible colorspace transform by defining both the to-reference and from-reference transforms (I.e to reference would use lab_to_xyz.lut and from-ref would use xyz_to_lab.lut)

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Hey all!

So I'm trying to get my team off of doing so much in photoshop, and have written some tools using oiio to replace a lot of the workflow.  Right now, they like to do an unsharpen mask in photoshop in LAB space on just the Lightness channel for some images.

I was hoping to represent this transform using ocio, but so far am at a loss.  I can use a MatrixTransform to get to XYZ, but I don't want to use a 3d LUT to get to LAB because it needs to be fully reversible.

Is there some magic that I'm missing, or will I just have to do this in code?


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