Re: Error loading lut using environment variables

Simon Björk <bjork...@...>

Thanks Kevin, seems like it would work.

However (if I'm not misunderstanding) this would require all shot luts to be named the same and also be in separate directories? In my case I would prefer to have the luts named shot01.cube, shot02.cube etc and store them in the same directory (i.e /show/luts/shot_luts/).

I guess I can just create a dummy lut if it doesn't exist as a pre launch process.


Simon Björk

+46 (0)70-2859503

2017-03-13 10:35 GMT+01:00 Kevin Wheatley <kevin.j....@...>:

Create a null lut is about the best you can do, combined with the search path you could do

search_path: path/to/${SHOT}:path/to/null

then use a name like "mylut.cube" if you squint hard you can make this do sequence level as well as show wide level, by suitable nesting of directories in search paths.


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