Re: OCIO 1.0.10

Sean Cooper <se...@...>

For those that haven't been following, there have been some steps towards 1.0.10
  • Sean - negative value clamp
  • Sean - bump website to 1.0.9 documentation
  • KevinJW - fix for extrapolation errors
  • KevinJW - fix for Houdini LUT creation
  • Sean - Update README w/ reference to ACES configs
  • DBR - minor doc updates
  • DBR - Travis CI integration
  • Sean w/ Jerome - Appveyor CI + Windows QOL improvements
  • Additional documentation updates including the ACES config readme on the public website (coming soon)
Feature requests such as #381 should perhaps be grouped into an update for a 1.1.0 release rather than these which were very much "patch-like" in nature. If anyone is able to do further testing on the current Master branch, or suggest additional "simple" patches that could be looped into 1.0.10 please let me know.

On Wednesday, 26 April 2017 10:31:50 UTC-7, Sean Cooper wrote:
Hello all,

With a little bit of movement on the OCIO repo working towards addressing the most egregious image-quality-effecting bugs, we need to look to locking off to a 1.0.10 to help our users, and product partners.

If you haven't been watching, I invite you to take a look at the OCIO repo, and point out other image quality *bugs* that you deem a requirement for the next minor version. Prior to my involvement there have been a number of commits to master since 1.0.9, and I think it's beneficial to put a stake in the ground as a firm mark of rejuvenation. We can proceed from there.

If you haven't joined in the side Slack conversation where more day-to-day conversation has been centered, please reply below or message me personally I am more than happy to invite you. Or if you have a strong opinion against the "closed-door" conversation, I am open ears.

Thoughts, and opinions welcomed, thanks!

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