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Sean Cooper <se...@...>

Correction, this would be the example (unorganized) changelog

  • Fix build when using libc++
  • Added support for yaml-cpp > 5.0.1
  • Fix YAML/TinyXML patches for GCC < 4.2
  • Updated Truelight support for writing
  • Fixed free memory access in YAML
  • Fixed LUT files with Windows-style endings
  • Fixed MacOS string corruption in Python
  • Add support for parsing CDL XML files
  • Fix GPU shader Log bug
  • Add args/kwargs support to Python
  • Add description field to Look objects
  • Improved Python 3 compatibility
  • fix CSP file read
  • negative value clamp
  • bump website to 1.0.9 documentation
  • fix for extrapolation errors
  • Fix for Houdini LUT creation
  • Update documentation
  • Travis CI integration
  • Appveyor CI + Windows QOL improvements

1.0.9 was tagged back in October 2013, so these are the lump changes since then, there is a good amount of progress that would be useful to push forward.

On Wednesday, 26 April 2017 10:31:50 UTC-7, Sean Cooper wrote:
Hello all,

With a little bit of movement on the OCIO repo working towards addressing the most egregious image-quality-effecting bugs, we need to look to locking off to a 1.0.10 to help our users, and product partners.

If you haven't been watching, I invite you to take a look at the OCIO repo, and point out other image quality *bugs* that you deem a requirement for the next minor version. Prior to my involvement there have been a number of commits to master since 1.0.9, and I think it's beneficial to put a stake in the ground as a firm mark of rejuvenation. We can proceed from there.

If you haven't joined in the side Slack conversation where more day-to-day conversation has been centered, please reply below or message me personally I am more than happy to invite you. Or if you have a strong opinion against the "closed-door" conversation, I am open ears.

Thoughts, and opinions welcomed, thanks!

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