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Regarding the "No quality loss through GPU" bullet and the "Do studios maintain their own fork? / If so what features have been added" query, I have permission to contribute back our OpenCL kernel generator changes, which have no quality loss on the GPU path (unlike the OpenGL path which collapse all LUTs into one 3D LUT). If it makes sense prior to this v2.0 work, I can do that soon. However, if it makes more sense to just collaborate on the GPU support in v2.0 I can do that instead.

Dennis Adams

On Thu, Aug 3, 2017 at 10:20 AM, Sean Cooper <se...@...> wrote:
Hello all,

We've recently concluded the OpenColorIO Birds of a Feather here at SIGGRAPH 2017, so its time to mirror the discussion back to the greater community.

Central to the discussion this year was an exciting proposal put forth by the Autodesk SynColor team headed by Doug Walker. Autodesk and the OCIO leadership will be evaluating the technical feasibility of merging the SynColor codebase into OCIO as a v2.0 release. This merger would add the technical precision and flexibility of the SynColor system within the OCIO paradigm while maintaining the current open source license. A truncated list of features on the table are as follows:
  • Improved GPU renderer
  • Improved CPU renderer
  • Inversion of all transforms
  • Additional reference space
  • Rigorous ACES transforms
  • Academy/ASC Common LUT (CLF) Format & Autodesk Color Transform (CTF) Format support
  • Support ICC monitor profiles
  • Built-in common color transforms
  • A friendly API for manipulating configs
  • Config color space interchange
  • Additional descriptive color space properties
  • Comprehensive unit-tests
  • Per-shot Looks
I have attached the Birds of a Feather slides along with this email so everyone is on the same page. While the in-person discussions clearly cannot be replicated, feel free to post questions you may have on this thread.

We will maintain open communication on this forum and the Slack channel as both Autodesk and the OCIO task group work towards mutually acceptable functionality and API. So stay tuned for future updates.


On Tuesday, 18 July 2017 15:24:32 UTC-7, Sean Cooper wrote:
For those of you attending SIGGRAPH 2017 (conference pass required) in Los Angeles, we will be hosting a "Birds of a Feather" event for users and developers of OpenColorIO to get together and discuss anything and everything related to working with OpenColorIO.

Session Title: OpenColorIO Meetup
Date: Tuesday, 1 August
Location: LA Convention Center - Room 507
Time: 1-2pm


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