Re: SIGGRAPH 2017 - OpenColorIO Birds of a Feather

Patrick Hodoul <patric...@...>

That's a great news.

A better support of ACES (with new ops) and a better support of OpenGL capabilities (such as any types of texture & uniforms) will impose changes to the OCIO public API related to the GPU processor as well as lot of changes to the current implementation. So it seems to me that it would be better to wait the OCIO v2 API discussion in order to improve the current API using the SynColor OpenGL API and your OpenCL API proposals. The goal is to have a much more flexible OCIO v2 public API for the GPU support (i.e. full support of any kind of color transformations without any baking and support of several GPU languages). At that time it should be easier to understand how to proceed with the design & implementation.


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