Re: C++ LUTs

Joseph Slomka <jsl...@...>


It seems that this can be taken care of by having multiple colorspaces. For Arri log or Red log it is simple enough to treat each ISO rating as a separate colorspace. If you didn't want to work that way you can always create a dynamic colorspace object.


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Subject: [ocio-dev] C++ LUTs

Hi All,

Just wanted to throw a quick thought in on C++ LUTs.

I've recently been dealing with Arri's Alexa. One of the more unusual
aspects of it's Log-C transform is that it changes based on the
camera's ASA.

I thought you might want to allow for LUTs which specify arguments,
as this would be required for Log-C, and may be needed or useful
further down the line.

Anyway - that was all :) When the API is ready I'd be happy to
supply S-Log, Log-C, sRGB, and Rec709 transforms both to and
from linear.



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