Re: After Effects OCIO Plugin code age

Brendan Bolles <bre...@...>

On Monday, August 14, 2017 at 5:31:29 PM UTC-7, Sean Cooper wrote:
I'll happily look at anything pushed our way.

Curious, would you be able to give a quick rundown of the PS plugin functionality / implementation?

What do you want to know? As Deke pointed out, I have a blog post where you can download it. Code is on GitHub.

It was made for use in a studio, so it's been tested. It's designed similarly to the After Effects plug-in.

This plug-in is a filter, so it can be applied to a layer to perform color space transformations. The big bummer about Photoshop is that a plug-in can't use used to modify the view continuously. It can export LUTs which can be used as a view LUT to the degree that Photoshop can do that.

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