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By dynamic I mean c++ or python can create colorspace configurations dynamically. That way if you are using ARRI log C You could dynamically create or alter the colorspaces to handle the different conversions that need to be made based off the iso setting. So you can use the same base configuration and automatically change the logC to reference conversion based on the iso so all of the conversion that a related to that work as expected.


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Hi Joseph,

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It seems that this can be taken care of by having multiple colorspaces. For Arri log or Red log  it is simple enough to treat each ISO rating as a separate colorspace. If you didn't want to work that way you can always create a dynamic colorspace object.
Yeah - I just thought it may be nice to have the capacity to provide the argument. That way you're not filling a list of color spaces with variations of the same one. Makes the List a little more comprehensible.

By dynamic colorspace you mean a plugin based one? In which case this is what I was proposing it for.



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