Re: Implement Open Color IO in Maya and 3ds Max

Patrick Hodoul <patric...@...>

Hi Marion,


Maya supports OCIO as synColor embeds the OCIO library for config file reading.

Below are some links explaining the OCIO support in Maya & Arnold:

Maya ->

Arnold ->

Here is the command to query/edit the Color Management settings in Maya:


Having an OCIO config file at Maya startup could be done by setting the OCIO env. variable to a specific config file before starting Maya.



On Tuesday, April 17, 2018 at 4:42:44 PM UTC-4, marion michon wrote:

I would like to implement OpenColor IO in Maya and 3ds Max at startup.

Can you explain me how can I do that from Python please ? 
The goal is that Open Color IO will be implemented at startup of each software, i'm using Vray for both of them so if you can help me, I would be grateful !

Best regards,

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