Re: Which colorspace is used as the reference space for an OCIO config?

Haarm-Pieter Duiker <li...@...>

Cross posting for completeness

The document detailing ACES support in various applications, is here (read only):

If anyone is interested in updating the document for more current versions, let me know. I'd be happy to provide an editable link. Just message me.

For those interested in implementations, I think the Nuke nodes are supposed to be a reference. The OCIO Colorspace node creates the path from one colorspace to the next with this call
m_processor = config->getProcessor(context, inputName, outputName);

which leads to this call to create a color space conversion
processor->getImpl()->addColorSpaceConversion(*this, context, src, dst);

which eventually leads to this function
which takes two colorspaces and concatenates the source colorspace's to_reference (or inverse from_reference) transforms with the destination colorspace's from_reference (or inverse to_reference) transforms.

So... the code has it. The reference colorspace isn't the first colorspace. It isn't the space pointed to by the 'reference' role. It's the space that the config colorspace's various to_reference and from_reference transforms use as a target or as a source. Hopefully all the colorspace's in the config agree on that definition!

On Mon, Apr 16, 2018 at 12:38 AM, Abraham Schneider <abraham....@...> wrote:
Hi there!

It seems like it's not just me that is unsure, how OCIO decides, which colorspace in a config is used as the reference space, that all other colorspaces are related to. And what excact purpose the 'reference' role has.

Could you maybe have a look at this and shine some light on this topic? 

Thanks, Abraham

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