how to write .cube luts?

mc <michael...@...>

I've been searching for weeks and can't find a clear explanation of how .cube files are written. Please help me understand them.

I have a .cube file that was generated with 3D Lut Creator, with an image source of a HALD color image (64x64x64). No adjustments were applied to the image, so the .cube file should show input=output. But the decimal values in the lookup table mystify me. How were they generated? The decimal values, when multiplied by 64, do round to a number close to list position in the (64 64 64) list, but surely there's a precise algorithm to output those decimal values.

I've tried reading the OCIO C++ code to get the answer, but I don't really know the language. I want to write luts in Java. Can someone there help me?


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