Re: Homebrew version of OCIO not bringing all apps ...

Michael Dolan <mich...@...>

To build "ociolutimage", OCIO needs to be linked against OpenImageIO. These two packages have optional dependencies on each other, so build order can be troublesome if you need both packages with full functionality.

I typically build OCIO without the OIIO dependency; then build OIIO, linking against OCIO; then build OCIO again, linking against OIIO. The homebrew OIIO formulae depends on OCIO, so that may be contributing to this support being missing.

On Thu, Jun 14, 2018, 5:38 AM Abraham Schneider, <abraham....@...> wrote:
I tried to create the original ACES 1.0.3 config from the included python folder via the 'create_aces_config' tool on my Mac. To do that, I installed all necessary tools via 'homebrew' (like 'ctl') and especially OCIO like it's mentioned on the website: 'brew install opencolorio --with-python'

Unfortunately the 'create_aces_config' script won't run successfully because it can't find the tool 'ociolutimage'. Would be cool if the homebrew version of OCIO would install all the tools that are available in '', so it would be easy to create the ACES reference config easily on your own. 

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