SIGGRAPH 2018 - OpenColorIO Birds of a Feather

Michael Dolan <mich...@...>

Hello OCIO community,

On Tuesday (August 14th) we held the OpenColorIO Birds of a Feather meeting at SIGGRAPH 2018 in Vancouver. Thanks to everyone who was able to attend, we had a great turnout!

The agenda focused on the latest pull requests from the Autodesk OCIO v2 team: Doug Walker, Patrick Hodoul, and Bernard Lefebvre. Doug ran a live demo in Flame showing Lut3D inversion, tetrahedral interpolation on the GPU, ICC and CLF support, and new Range and CDL ops. Patrick then gave an explanation of the new GPU renderer, greatly expanded unit tests, and additions to ocioconvert and ociodisplay for validating OCIO output.

I followed Doug and Patrick's presentation with a case study on how we implemented the new GPU renderer at Imageworks, and are seeing parity with the same color transforms in Nuke's implementation of the OCIO CPU renderer.

We also heard an update from Foundry's Tony Micilotta on the future of OCIO integration in Nuke.

Sean Cooper (DNEG) and Mark Boorer (ILM) concluded the meeting by moderating a discussion on the OCIO v2 proposal for rigorous built-in transforms and the potential for an external "OpenColorMath" C++ library.

The presentation slides are attached for your reference. Conversation will continue in this mail list and the OCIO Slack group, so feel free to add your thoughts or ask any questions you may have. A recorded version of Doug's demo will be made available sometime after SIGGRAPH, so stay tuned. 

Michael Dolan

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