Re: AllocationVars with GPU path and 1d LUT

Troy Sobotka <troy.s...@...>

There's two issues at work, both of which are important.

The first is the deeper GPU issue that the ever wise Mr. Hodoul has fixed with
the completely reworked GPU code path. That is a massive issue, and one that
is deeper than the simple allocation variables. This ends up in
potential posterization
in OCIOv1 given that the GPU transforms are collapsed into a single transform.

The allocation variables are important if you have a GPU path as well,
given that
the GPU path is a constricted set of values. As far as I have come to expect and
understand things, the allocation variables are required if _either side of the
transform has a scene referred range_. If your from_reference or to_reference
requires a transform into the scene referred domain, your allocation vars need
to be set according to the minimum and maximum values required, as per
type. If these aren't set correctly, the range you require may be
clipped off when
going to the GPU.

With respect,

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