Re: pyOCIO Windows compilation error against Python36

Renaud Talon <renau...@...>

Hi Richard,


Thank you for your suggestions, I did look into your diff files but I couldn’t find anything that’s not already added to the current versions of the files.

I got it to compile with Windows 10 / Python 3.6 – Visual Studio 2015, by changing the following line in “pyUtil.h” (line 65):

from :

  #define MOD_INIT(name) PyMODINIT_FUNC EXPORT_SYMBOL PyInit_##name(void)



  #define MOD_INIT(name) EXPORT_SYMBOL PyMODINIT_FUNC PyInit_##name(void)


I did get a warning message though but the compilation process went through and the “.pyd” file was generated.

I’m honestly no C++ expert so I’m not sure if this makes sense but it seems to work. I need to run further testing next week to confirm but so far so good.


Thanks again,




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Subject: Re: [ocio-dev] pyOCIO Windows compilation error against Python36
I had completely forgotten that I moved the Fedora package over to Python 3.7 and haven't had any build issues... Now that being said I don't know if there's any consumers of the python library in Fedora...

Feel free to poke around the build logs...

Here's the spec file for building... Some of it won't make sense to you but you can review the settings / cmake options I use.


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