Re: Inverting a 3D LUT

Doug Walker

Hi Brendan,


Thanks, glad you like it!   Your understanding of Fast vs. Exact is correct. 


Regarding the ability to control this from the public API, we have a PR in progress that will allow you to do that.  We discussed this during the April OCIO v2 working group Zoom meeting (let me know if you'd like to join the v2 working group), but in summary the fast/exact control will be one of the "finalization" options that may be controlled from the public API.  There will also be more control provided over the "optimization" options which control to what degree consecutive ops are merged, etc.  Patrick will be posting a PR for review in another week or so.


(BTW, you had asked last week about the Photoshop/AE plugin bullet point from last year's SIGGRAPH presentation.  I was hoping someone else might jump in on that, but I'm guessing that it was referring to your PR 514, not sure what else it would have been referring to.)






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I see that v2 has the ability to invert 3D LUTs, very cool!

I also see that you can use Fast or Exact mode for rendering. I guess Fast mode samples a new inverted 3D LUT and renders from that, while Exact mode runs the inversion on each pixel? In my tests I couldn't tell the difference visually.

I don't see a place in the public API to set LutInversionQuality though…


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