Re: TruelightTransform?

Malcolm Humphreys

I would say that why we left it in was around the discussion of a plugin API and using it as an example.

I would very much like a transform plugin API to make the integration of a grade database into all clients possible without the need to wrap ocio or write this to disk.

Additionaly when lighting there is also a need to apply a blacklevel lift separately to the CG before apply the display transform on both the CG and the background plate. As this blacklevel (or min density) changes per plate this is another area having a database is cleaner and a plugin API could help.


On Mon., 17 Jun. 2019, 22:23 Alex Hughes, <alex@...> wrote:
Agreed, I have not had a hard use case for it either

On Mon, Jun 17, 2019 at 7:32 PM Malcolm Humphreys <malcolmhumphreys@...> wrote:
As the writer of the Truelight transform. I have not used it in about 8 or so years. I would be surprised if it still works.

I think it would be a much cleaner API to remove it.

Gets my vote.


On Mon., 17 Jun. 2019, 19:18 Sean Cooper, <sean@...> wrote:
Its existence is no doubt tied to the tremendous utility that Truelight served to photochechemical-film workflows at the time OCIO was originally authored by Mr.Selan.

I think the industry has moved far beyond its dependence on Truelight, and even where it does find a home (even us occasionally) there are a 1001 ways to get your transforms represented in an OCIO-friendly manner...

I say, thank you for your wonderful service Truelight, but its time to bid you adieu

On Mon, Jun 17, 2019 at 6:13 PM Michael Dolan <michdolan@...> wrote:
As a general poll, is anyone out there using OCIO's TruelightTransform? The question of whether this functionality should continue to be supported in future versions of OCIO has come up a number of times. If you have a strong opinion either way, please let us know.


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