SIGGRAPH 2019 - OpenColorIO Birds of a Feather

Michael Dolan

Hello all,

We held the OpenColorIO Birds of a Feather yesterday at SIGGRAPH in LA. Thank you to everyone who could join us! We directly followed the ACES BoF and both events had very good attendance. For those who couldn't be there, we recorded the meeting and will make the video available following SIGGRAPH. 

I opened the BoF with a project update covering our ASWF incubation status, related improvements to the OCIO build and CI systems, and a summary of Thomas Mansencal's work on the ACES 1.1 OCIO config. Doug Walker and Patrick Hodoul then outlined their progress and roadmap for OCIO v2, as well as discussing support for new pixel formats, ACES output transforms, CLF, and measurable CPU renderer performance gains. Lastly, Mark Boorer gave an overview of his work on the companion OpenColorMath library, covering its design, interface, and vision for where to take it next.

The presentation slides are attached to this thread, where you can find a detailed outline of the information presented. Feel free to respond with any questions or points of discussion.

I wanted to also give a big thanks to Emily Olin, John Mertic, and the rest of the Linux Foundation team for skillfully organizing this event (as well as 9 other open source BoF meetings for Open Source Day!).


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