Re: Compile order for OCIO, OIIO, OpenExr?

Mark Boorer

1. OpenEXR
2. OpenColorIO
3. OpenImageIO
4. OpenColorIO tools

The core OCIO library doesn't depend on OIIO, only the extra tools.

On Thu, 8 Aug 2019, 19:24 Alex Hughes, <alex@...> wrote:
From my understanding, OpenEXR can simply be built first. The OCIO and OIIO thing gets a bit more complicated for those two but I have never had complications where I would not build OpenEXR first


On Thu, Aug 8, 2019 at 7:01 PM Steve Hwan <svhwan+opencgi@...> wrote:
I asked Larry a variation of this at DigiPro and he suggested I ask on this list, as the answer was mildly complicated.

I observed OCIO and OIIO had build dependencies on each other, so I was wondering if there was a recommended build order? (And now that I'm asking, I'll throw OpenExr into the mix for the question as well - are there any dependencies on OCIO? Or is it as simple as "Just build OpenExr first."?)


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