Re: Expected release of OCIO from its new home in AcademySoftwareFoundation/OpenColorIO

Michael Dolan

Hi James,

OCIO 1.1.1 should compile if you tell your compiler to not treat warnings as errors, or pass a flag to ignore that particular warning.

That warning was resolved in master a while back, but was only fixed recently (after 1.1.1) in RB-1.1, which represents the 1.x source. Master is the OCIO 2.x dev branch. We will be making a 1.1.2 release later this year with that and some other fixes. You can test it now by building from RB-1.1.

If this doesn't solve the problem, you can file an issue in GitHub. These new warnings popping up are mostly due to newer compiler versions that were not included in OCIO CI until recently. I fixed this exact issue in RB-1.1 a few weeks ago when Travis-CI bumped their Ubuntu version.


On Wed, Oct 9, 2019, 9:19 PM , <jrb@...> wrote:
 I was trying to pick a more modern version of OCIO than the one I've been using (1.0.9) so I started at the latest at the old download location with v1.1.1. Unfortunately, that didn't compile because of a typo in Config.cpp in the operator= method that tries assign to itself. So then I wondered if that had been fixed in github (yes) and then wondered if any of the tags there were newer than the fix, no. What's odd is the fix to that typo was back in 2018 but the old website says v1.1.1 was from March 2019. A little confused at that point so I thought I'd ask here: 

What I really want to know is, when is the next (stable-ish) version of OCIO expected to be cut? Or has it been and I'm just too dumb to understand the branches/tags in github?

- James

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