Re: nuke-default's sRGB and ACES 1.1 sRGB

Gonzalo Garramuño

On 5/12/19 04:04, Eberhard Hasche wrote:
Hi Gonzalo,

the main problem with sRGB (and Rec709) in ACES is that nuke-default is adding the sRGB-Transfer Function to the linear material,
whereas ACES is also applying a Render Transform (RRT+ODT) which deals with the HDR content, and in order to make space for the content above 1.0
a value of 1.0 is compressed to 0.8 which makes the export appear darker.

A more profound discussion is here:

Cheers Eberhard
Hi, Eberhard.

Yes, that's more likely what I am seeing.  Thanks for the detailed explanation.


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