Re: nuke-default's sRGB and ACES 1.1 sRGB

Gonzalo Garramuño

On 5/12/19 04:45, Eberhard Hasche wrote:
Hi Gonzalo,

second thought only to get us on the same page: The problem may be raised in the input section.
Is it a RED Sequence you are reading in?
Yes, it was a RED sequence, but I was just testing it with scene_linear.
I hope the thoughts may help. The topic using pre-ACES.1.0.3? (Nov. 2016)
RED conversions is complex. We did some research and would recommend using the IPP2 color pipeline
in the (ACES) Nuke input. All settings are automatically correct. There should be no problem at all, although the ACES IDT
keeps the RED material very slightly reddish.

What's the IPP2 color pipeline?  Is it some Nuke node, some OCIO config transform or the IPP2 function that appears in the RED SDK?

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