Re: nuke-default's sRGB and ACES 1.1 sRGB

Gonzalo Garramuño

On 5/12/19 18:14, Gonzalo Garramuño via Lists.Aswf.Io wrote:

On 5/12/19 15:06, Eberhard Hasche wrote:
Hi Gonzalo,

IPP2 is the RED Image Processing Pipeline #2, introduced three or four years ago which is closer to the ACES concept.
If you read in RED footage choose the settings at the attached image in Nuke's Read node and you are on the safe side.
To get those settings in the Read Node color space line choose: (Colorspaces) --> Input --> RED --> REDLog3G10 -


Hi Eberhard,

I tried that with my viewer (setting the ocio colorspace input to Input - RED - REDLog3G10 - REDWideGamutRGB) and set the display/view to ACES->sRGB and the results were all colors like a Warhol painting :D.  I must have missed something.

One thing I noticed is that I get different results in decoding the clips with RED's PixelType_HalfFloat_RGB_Interleaved and PixelType_16Bit_RGB_Interleaved.  The 16 Bit clip seems to be in log space, but none of the RED - Log* transforms works with it.

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