Re: nuke-default's sRGB and ACES 1.1 sRGB

Gonzalo Garramuño

On 6/12/19 13:02, Eberhard Hasche wrote:
Hi Gonzalo,
maybe you should consider that something in your pipeline is broken.

I tried your file out and all worked fine. Attached are two Nuke files (one ACES 1.1, the other
Nuke default) with all necessary color conversion nodes.
I rendered out two 1/8th resolution jpg images set to Rec709. The only difference in the color pipeline is that with the nuke-default image,
the picture-rendering part is missing, so it is clamped at 1.o whereas the
aces image is a bit brighter because parts of the luminance above 1.o has been rolled in.


Dear Eberhard,

I can confirm that the Nuke default one is matching my version completely, but without the middle node that you have in the Nuke script.  The RED SDK it seems already sends a half image with RedWideGamutRGB baked in when you request a HalfFloat image buffer.  So for the nuke-default to work, I had to set scene-linear and my view to sRGB/Rec709.

Now, for the ACES pipeline, I am still struggling with it as it seems I may need an additional transform node as you have in the nuke script, which is not trivial as my viewer only accepts an image transform and a display/view transform.

Thank you very much for the Nuke scripts, btw.  I had to download a demo of nuke but it was worth it.

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