Re: nuke-default's sRGB and ACES 1.1 sRGB

Gonzalo Garramuño

On 7/12/19 04:38, Eberhard Hasche wrote:
Hi Gozalo,

good to hear that it is going better!

The OCIOColorSpace Node in then ACES script is only for demonstration and debugging sake.
You don’t need it in production.
Glad to know.
When you set the Input (IDT) in the Read node correctly and view the Read node with the Viewer
set to Rec.709 (ACES) at one hand – or viewing the OCIOColorSpace node and set the Viewer to Raw (ACES) on the other should generate the same result.
Currently, I cannot get the same result with the sRGB/rec709 of ACES.  I get a close to good, but darker  and more saturated image, as I got with exrs.  This is the issue with the RRT+ODT.

I don't need to set the color space to Input - Red - RedLog3G10 - RedWideGamutRGB as that is created by the RED SDK automatically when I load the .r3d file as a half float image.   That's what I meant by not using the middle node in the nuke default script (the matrix transform you had) and instead using a scene linear setting for the input.  With that, I got it to match the output you were getting from Nuke12.

When using the ACES config file, the sRGB/rec709 (ACES) are darker due to the RRT+ODT issue as you pointed out before, so I get a darker image instead of a brighter one, following a similar approach to setting the input to scene linear.

Not sure if I am explaining myself properly.

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