[ocs-dev] Re: Foundry Questions

Jeremy Selan <jeremy...@...>

Oh, and one thing to keep in mind; the current version of this library
already works great in Nuke. :)

We've exposed 3 new nodes: ColorSpaceConvert / LogConvert /
DisplayTransform. The 1st two are used in the comp graph natively,
and the final one is used in the Input Process group to do filmlook
conversions. We also have a custom read / write nodes that uses our
color processing instead of the nuke-native processing. All of these
plugins are planned on being open-sourced as well, so right off the
bat we'll have a pretty good workflow example. (And clean example code
on how to do plugin client integration).

Obviously, native application support is the direction we're looking
to head in the long term, but I wanted to clarify that direct
manufacturer support is by no means required for Open Color Space to
be useful at launch.

-- Jeremy

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