Re: Review: renamed config.writeToStream to config.serialize

Malcolm Humphreys <malcolmh...@...>

Yep, I was thinking about doing that but it's not straight forward if we don't want yaml-cpp in the public interfaces for the Transforms()s.

It could also be possible if we have some form of Transform()s parameter types / storage. So something in the core lib can just serialize these params into this ostream. This could pave the way for having Transform plugins which can be serialize themselves with out knowing about yaml-cpp.


On 21/10/2010, at 2:30 PM, Jeremy Selan wrote:

Thinking about this topic further, I think the right thing to do it to
have __str__ call through to the C++ ostream implementation for each
class. (If that happens to use yaml, great! But it's not a problem if
it doesn't either).

-- Jeremy

Did you see my comment in one of the threads about also supporting the .__str__() method?

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