Re: Suggestion to switch from Zoom to an open source alternative for meetings

Larry Gritz

We're really drafting off the fact that all the ASWF groups (and I assume the rest of the Linux Foundation) use Zoom as their standard for meetings. So really, if this is an important topic, it is one to address at the TAC level or above; there is probably no benefit to each project in the organization trying to go its own way on infrastructure.

I think there is merit to being suspicious of Zoom. They certainly have some embarrassing black marks in their history, as far as security and privacy go. But on the other hand, the eyes of the world are on them now and they have pledged to make that a top priority. We'll see how that goes. But in any case, since the OCIO and other TSC meetings are public by design, I think the worst of the privacy/security concerns mostly don't apply to us.

-- lg

On Apr 24, 2020, at 1:18 AM, Rashil Gandhi via <> wrote:

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[Reason: While both Jitsi and Wire are open source, Wire is a paid service whereas Jitsi is completely free for use. ]

Hi all, 
This is my first message on the list here, so if I get something wrong, I apologize for that. 

The title explains it all though. Zoom has come under a lot of scrutiny lately. Letting unwanted users to join in, exposing file access to remote users, selling user data on the dark web are just some of the allegations that have been made against it. Also, the web client offers limited functionality and support, forcing users to download the app. 

I suggest using free and open source alternatives to Zoom. I have two of them in mind, namely Jitsi and Wire. The source code for these can be viewed on GitHub by anyone, and their web clients are fully featured. It also fits in the overall philosophy of ASWF and OpenColorIO to help develop and promote open source technologies. 


Larry Gritz

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