Re: Inverting a 3D LUT

Doug Walker

>I guess there have been some changes in this area. So I take it OPTIMIZATION_LUT_INV_FAST has now taken

> taken the place of not using FINALIZATION_EXACT. And the exact mode is used if you don't include the flag?

Yes, the finalization options were merged into the optimization options since there was so much overlap.


And yes, the exact mode is used if that bit of the optimization settings is zero.


But just to be clear for others, the default settting (OPTIMIZATION_DEFAULT) does include OPTIMIZATION_LUT_INV_FAST, so the exact mode is actually not the default.  (This was the preference of the group when it was discussed at one of the v2 working group meetings.)

> What sort of UI for this quality stuff are we expecting to present to the user?

> ... should OCIO apps now give a general Draft/Best option for all OCIO operations?


It's a good question Brendan.  For now, there is no guidance and it is up to the apps to decide if the feature is useful for their users or not.  In my opinion, OPTIMIZATION_DEFAULT will cover the vast majority of use-cases.  So my view is that the UI for "average users" should not present this as an option as it will likely cause needless worry and confusion.


But note that (as with a number of other OCIO features) it is also possible for users to override the optimization setting via an environment variable.  So even if apps don't provide a UI, that may provide an alternative for power users.


It might be useful to work on some user interface guidelines that could cover topics like this.  If anyone is interested in helping draft something like that, please reach out to me or another TSC member.




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