clamping difference between OCIO 1 and 2?

Paul Miller

I noticed that using linear data with an sRGB view transform, if I adjust the exposure/gain using a Matrix/Offset transform, there seems to be clamping in OCIO 2 that wasn't present in 1. It doesn't clamp if I use a null/raw view transform. (see attached images).

This is using the default GPU processor.

Is this expected behavior?

code basically boils down to:

OCIO::DisplayTransformRcPtr transform = OCIO::DisplayTransform::Create();
OCIO::MatrixTransformRcPtr gainTransform = OCIO::MatrixTransform::Create();
// compute gain matrix/offset
OCIO::ConstProcessorRcPtr processor = config->getProcessor(transform);

I am still using CreateLegacyShaderDesc. Could it be that some of this math has moved into the LUT, and it's clamping there?

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