Re: [ocs-dev] Re: Foundry Questions

Bruno Nicoletti <bruno.j....@...>

Hi Jeremy,

thanks for the reply. A few more questions....

 - how do you represent
       - transforms
       - display devices
       - looks
Please see the file config_v0.ocs, you will see examples of all 3.
These reference various .spiXXX files, are you going to open up the
format of those files?

 - any open source ones?
What open source lut formats are you referring to?
Little CMS was the one mumbled about here. Not sure how important this
is, need to get back to our folks.

Are you looking at making it extensible?
Not sure what you mean here.  Anyone can add or create a custom
colorspace configuration.  Anyone can take one of the posted
configurations and add new color spaces or devices to it.  And the
whole library will be open source so the internal details wont be
secret.  So,... "yes?"
By some sort of plugin method, you mentioned this in your reply with
respect to proprietary CMS systems.

What level of thread safety is there?
The library is fully thread safe. (and efficient in a multi-thread

I am currently adding the color configuration mutable API, and am
grappling with a few corner issues such as ' what if one thread
manipulates the color configuration while another is processing
pixels?' but this is a mental correctness issue, not a crashing issue.
I'd simply say you couldn't process while manipulating the the configuration.

 - have you thought about OpenCL code generation?
Not yet. Are you interested in opengl?
We are playing with OpenCL and it might be useful to have that at some
point. Not a high priority for us at the moment.

Are you shipping it with any vanilla XFMs that you have created at
 - and not just log/lin
 - device profiles?
What's an XFM?  A configuration I presume? (im now calling them .ocs

Yes, we're gonna ship all input device profiles we've got, not just
log/lin.  The only camera we've never characterized is RED, so we'd
have to leave that to someone else. (Or could adapt the nuke one for
use in our environment).

For device profiles the only ones we ever use are srgb, r709, and p3
dlp. These will be included.
Sorry, 'XFM' is my bizarre short hand for 'transform', but that still
answers it.

I suppose what we are missing are use cases of the library in
practice. I have a pretty good guess as to how it would work at big
film houses, film houses collaborating and film houses sharing work
with smaller shops, but clear descriptions of that would be great.

I guess my major concern is that if The Foundry is using this as the
basis of a cross product CMS, we still need to make it work for the
small shops in isolation, and they need tools to do at least the basic
stuff that the big boys have in-house specialist do. So display
calibration profiles and so on. Have you had any thoughts as to that?

Bruno Nicoletti

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