Re: Issue Compiling OCIO Under OSX and vcpkg.

Simon Smith

Just wondering if any progress was made on the vcpkg build issues I reported last month.
If I knew enough about the vcpkg and underlying systems I would have had a go myself at proposing a fix, but sadly I don’t.

If not, how would people recommend I work around this given that other systems such as OpenEXR, USD, & OpenImageIO are all compiled through the vcpkg system - making it super simple to get dependencies up to date across platforms with very minimal head scratching and setup!

Thanks in advance for any help/pointers that anyone can give.

Best Regards,

Simon C Smith
Co-Founder & CTO

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On 15 Sep 2020, at 15:01, Patrick Hodoul <patrickhodoul@...> wrote:

Hi Simon & Community,

OCIO 1.1.1 is from the branch RB-1.1 and it does not compile in C++11. But the reported error is a new C++11 syntax to initialize vector in a Yaml include file. So, the build can only fail.
The expected yaml version for RB-1.1 is 0.3.0 but the yaml version used to compile is a most recent one.

So, there are definitively errors in vcpkg rules concerning OCIO v1.1.1:

Few comments:
  • imposes Python 3 (RB-1.1 only supports Python 2)
  • disables Python bindings
  • requires external tinyxml & yaml. But the yaml version detection is difficult and flaky which could explain the problem if the build finds 0.6.3 for example.

Sometime this week, I will log a defect to vcpkg to fix:
  • require Python 2
  • enable Python bindings
  • do not use external tinyxml & yaml

Let me know if you notice something else.



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