Re: OCIO v2 sample configs

Michael Dolan

And to clarify, OCIO v2 has NOT been released yet. The project is feature complete, but there will likely be multiple rounds of release candidates before an official 2.0.0 release is made. OCIO v2 is currently in a four month stabilization period. For those that maintain applications which use OCIO, you are encouraged to test the current dev build and provide feedback and/or report issues.

As Thomas mentioned, the intent is to have an ACES reference config on or near the OCIO v2 release, and to build upon that to make a larger config more similar to the existing OCIO v1 ACES config. Note that by "reference" config I mean a reference implementation of ACES, not including the many other pieces needed for a complete studio pipeline. If anyone on this list has interest in helping with this effort, we are meeting every-other week to discuss. See the "[ocio-dev] OpenColorIO-Config-ACES Working Group" calendar listing on this page:

I have not tried the spi-anim and spi-vfx configs with the v2 code yet, but it is intended to be backwards compatible with v1 configs, so feel free to provide those errors via a GH issue and we will investigate.

Thanks for testing! It is very much appreciated.

On Tue, Nov 3, 2020 at 8:58 PM Thomas Mansencal <thomas.mansencal@...> wrote:
Hi Brendan,

Not much to see yet but there is some effort going in that direction here:


On Wed, 4 Nov 2020 at 14:55, Brendan Bolles <brendan@...> wrote:
Was it mentioned on this list that v2 has been released?? Seems like kind of a big deal!

Are there any v2 configs to experiment with? In particular it seems there should be an ACES config, seeing as ACES support is one of the big features in v2.

Also, I'm getting errors in v2 when I try the use the spi-anim and spi-vfx configs. Is that expected?

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