Shot luts and different monitor calibrations

Simon Björk

I'm trying to build a config that has a shot lut applied as a look. It all works well with:
 - !<View> {name: Grade, colorspace: Output - sRGB, looks: PreGrade_LUT | nolook}
However, I need this to support different monitors calibrations, not just sRGB. Do I need to create different views for each display?
- !<View> {name: Grade - rec.709, colorspace: Output - Rec.709, looks: PreGrade_LUT | nolook}
I thought I could use environment variables to change this dynamically, but it doesn't seem to work:
- !<View> {name: Grade, colorspace: ${DEFAULT_VIEW}, looks: PreGrade_LUT | nolook}
Any suggestions?

Simon Björk

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