OCIO v2 release candidate 1

Doug Walker

Hi all,

Today we have tagged master and created an RB-2.0 branch as the first release candidate for OCIO v2. The final release is about two weeks away and we request people test this thoroughly and help us find any issues.  It would be great to get feedback from you if you've had a chance to test the library.

Here are the noteworthy changes relative to beta2:

PR #1241, Color Space Aliases -- It is now possible to define several alternate names for a color space, for example, a full name and an abbreviated name appropriate for use in image file paths. An optional "name" attribute was also added to the config.
PR #1220, App Helpers and Category improvements -- The App Helpers functions to ease use of the library have been moved into OCIO core. Also, the options for filtering color spaces based on category is now more powerful, implementing issue #1222.
PR #1197, New API Docs implementation -- This overhauls the way the API documentation for both C++ and Python are generated. Contributors now need to manually update the frozen Python .rst files and should review the issue for details.
PR #1249, Improved Python apply functions -- This fixed several Python applyRGB issues and the unit test for PyCPUProcessor now requires NumPy.
PR #1244, Improved version handling and config synonyms -- The parser will now throw if reading a minor version higher than current (i.e. a config version 2.1 or higher will now throw). This also fixed a bug when writing v1 configs that caused them to not load correctly. Several syntax enhancements requested related to view transforms were added: - The from/to_reference color space attributes are now written as from/to_scene_reference in v2 configs, although the old syntax is also supported. - The config also now has an attribute to identify the default view transform.
PR #1221, CDLTransform cleanup -- The code for reading and writing CDLs was refactored and the API changed so that they are written more like CLF and CTF files. The write method on Processor was moved to GroupTransform. The way CDL metadata is handled was made more consistent with CLF/CTF. Files with several CDLs (e.g. ccc) may now be loaded into a single GroupTransform.
PR #1245, Finish inversion of new look ops -- This completes the work on issue #1100, these operators all work in both forward and inverse direction.
PR #1251, Fix ACEScc and XYZ built-in transforms -- Addresses issues with several built-in transforms.
PR #1252, Misc fixes -- The ColorSpaceMenuHelpers code no longer warns on v1 configs. An edge case of using LegacyViewingPipeline with named transforms was addressed.
PR #1214, Minor file rules fixes.


Doug Walker

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