[ocs-dev] Re: Foundry Questions

Jeremy Selan <jeremy...@...>

Sorry for the delay!

Progress on the library is going well, I hope to have a code drop
ready in the next few weeks.

To answer your latest few questions...

These reference various .spiXXX files, are you going to open up the
format of those files?
Yes and no. We're going to open up the formats in the sense that the
library will have a built-in reader support (The format details are
incredibly uninteresting; just another brain-dead ascii text format).
However, we're not going to push for anyone else to adopt them.
Internally, once we get support for commercial lut formats we'll
probably try to retire the spi formats.

I suppose what we are missing are use cases of the library in
practice. I have a pretty good guess as to how it would work at big
film houses, film houses collaborating and film houses sharing work
with smaller shops, but clear descriptions of that would be great.

I guess my major concern is that if The Foundry is using this as the
basis of a cross product CMS, we still need to make it work for the
small shops in isolation, and they need tools to do at least the basic
stuff that the big boys have in-house specialist do. So display
calibration profiles and so on. Have you had any thoughts as to that?
I'm not really familiar with how small houses (where someone is tasked
only part time) deal with the issue of color management. Maybe we
would ask some contacts at smaller houses for more detail about their
'off the shelf' color pipelines? I think this route would
particularly be worth the effort, as the small houses (who dont have
someone tasked full time to color) would have the most to gain in
having this library succeed.

-- Jeremy

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