Remap ocio config colorspaces to match nuke's defaults


Hi All,
Nuke default's colorspaces are named differente than OCIO's colorspaces.
For instance, if color management is set to Nuke, it's called Rec709,  but if color management is set to OCIO, it's named Rec709 (ACES).
So if the project is managed by OCIO, when you import a MOV with Rec709 on it's metadata, Nuke can't find the correct colorspace and some times it completely crashes Nuke.
I've been trying with no success to remap Nuke's Rec709 to ACES Rec709. Also tried to duplicate OCIO's Output-Rec709 and rename it to Rec709 but can't make it work.
Any help on how to accomplish this would be much appreciated!

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