[ocs-dev] Got Luts?

Jeremy Selan <jeremy...@...>


I'm at the stage where I would like to get a survey of lut file
formats (1d, 3d, matrix, etc) that folks actually use in the wild.

If you commonly use a lut format at your facility, or define one in
your software package, I would hugely appreciate it if you could
upload example files and/or spec documents so I can begin work on the

Even if it's a proprietary format, I'd love to take a peek so I can
get a sense of the scope of formats out in the wild. (I need to make
sure the internal API is rich enough to encompass current use cases).

Many formats have been mentioned previously, including:
- Truelight ASCII .cub 3D lut
- Assimilate Scratch (Arri /Kodak .3dl)
- Iridas Framecycler (Iridas .cube)
- Autodesk (MESH3D, .lut, etc.)

For the majority of these, I do not have either example files or
specifications. Please help! :)

Also, does anyone know if the majority of lut formats identifiable by
their extension? Are there common extension conflicts? Ideally, I'd
like to try and have format reader registered based on file extension,
and only if that fails give each lut loader a chance to read it.
(Similar to how reader plugins work in nuke).

(Note that I'm not assuming 1 file == 1 lut. (We will support readers
where 1 file can generate multiple transforms, such as a 1d shaper lut
-> 3d lut -> 1d shaper lut.))

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