Review: Nuke to OCIO exporter

Jeremy Selan <jeremy...@...>

I've added a nuke python script to src/testbed that lets you export
specified nuke color spaces into an OCIO profile. It also is a good
example of using the python API to create an OCIO profile.


There is one major 'gotcha' I discovered in writing this script, and
it relates to the python version used at build time. As this script
requires the OCIO module to be imported into the Nuke python
namespace, the PyOpenColorIO module has to be compiled with the same
version that Nuke uses internally (which for current Nukes appears to
be python 2.5). However, the native compilation uses whichever python
happens to be the system install (which in my case is 2.6).
Unfortunately, running a 2.6 python .so in 2.5 does not work in subtle

This implies that a system level install, for use in a 3rd party app
(such as nuke) may not be appropriate. Should building OCIO for a 3rd
party plugin rebuild all .sos with app-specific settings? Seems like
it may need to.

-- Jeremy

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