Re: Review: CSP bugfix

Malcolm Humphreys <malcolmh...@...>

LGTM, sorry I did know about this I was in the middle of doing the spline op for the prelut section and waiting for a better name for GetAutodeskLut3DArrayOffset which
we were discussing in one of the threads about the houdini lut reader before fixing this.

I'll look into making the houdini reader match when I am back.


On 06 Nov, 2010,at 11:33 AM, Jeremy Selan <jere...@...> wrote:

Upon further testing, it appears the channel swizzling was backwards
during CSP lut importing.

I used Nuke as the baseline in terms of lut channel order, so it's
possible that I've actually broken things if Nuke's CSP Vector node is
broken. But if Nuke's works, OCIO's now agrees with the results.
Can anyone confirm Nuke's Vectorfield implementation of .csp files

I am including the file I used for testing. This gains down the red
channel by 0.5 - green and blue are unchanged.


I've confirmed that our 3dl handing is correct.

-- Jeremy

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