Re: Testing Nuke Plugins

bsloan <bsl...@...>

Gah. Correction:

The OCIODisplay node seems to ignore the 'input colorspace' knob.
Display transform and exposure work as expected.

As for the LogConvert node, switching the operation from loglin to
linlog seems not to change anything.

Thanks again,


On Dec 20, 1:42 pm, bsloan <bsl...@...> wrote:
Hi all,

I've tested the OCIO 0.7.3 Nuke suite in Nuke 6.1v3 and have noticed
some possible bugs (or user errors ).

First of all, I downloaded the configs for 0.7 and pointed my OCIO env
var to the nuke-default/configs.ocio.

Then I start Nuke and create an instance of each of the four plugins:


OCIOFile_Transform worked well with the .csp I fed it (Bravo)
OCIOColorspace did the right thing with my cineon image (identical
result to Nuke's vanilla LogLin (Yippee!))

The other two, OCIODisplay and OCIOLogConvert seem to have no effect
(regardless of the values I set in the controls). Could I be doing
something wrong?

BTW, thanks Jeremy et al for all the hard work.


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