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Jeremy Selan <jeremy...@...>

Exactly. Clients apps will automatically have support for all lut
formats. (It's about time!)

To an end user, this should feel pretty automated. Apps shouldn't
need ebd user options / dialogs, all of the lut-location mojo is
internal to the ColorConfiguration file.

Specifying which configuration to use is controlled via a single
environment variable (which points at an ocs file). (Explicit
initialization is also allowed, but this will probably be less

The internals of the .ocs file are still in flux, but the rough idea
is that there will be two flavors. One flavor will be a human-
readable xml file, of which one element lut dir. The alternative will
be a binary ocs 'package', where the lut dir is self contained in the
file. (Think tgz of a config / lut dir).

In the super common newbie-case, downloading a single .ocs binary
file, and pointing to it with OCS_CONFIG will be all that's needed.

-- Jeremy

On May 25, 3:09 pm, Larry Gritz <l....@...> wrote:
Neat.  So just to clarify, the big idea is that any app that uses your color library properly will, by extension, understand ALL of these luts (whichever happens to be available/used at the facility using the app)?

Just how automated can this be?  I'm a little unclear on how much extra homework a display program needs to do.  Will your library... um... just find the lut specs in whatever standard places they are stored and know how to correct images for proper display on that device?  Are there standard places for the luts to be stored?  Will an app need various user options/dialogs to set this up?  Is this too much of a newbie question?

On May 25, 2010, at 2:51 PM, Jeremy Selan wrote:

Blake was kind enough to a google doc spreadsheet of lut formats:
I'll try to edit it to keep it up to date.  (what formats we support,
are planning to support, have examples of, etc). And eventually it'll
probably turn into part of the ocs website.
Larry Gritz

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